Before & Afters

RBeforeafter front
age 44: This was one of our  Synergie technicians. Notice how Synergie treatments tone and tighten the skin, plus reduce the appearance of cellulite on the front of the thighs.




age 41: Another one of our very own Synergie technicians. Yes, we do get the perks working here!  This technician is so pleased with her Club Synergie results. As you can clearly see she is more toned, tighter, leaner and feeling great!


This client was already losing weight when she began her treatments. With the addition of Synergie, she experienced a dramatic change along with the tightening of her skin. Synergie is especially beneficial for our clients who are in the process of losing weight and want to tighten and tone their skin while they are changing.


Age 24: This client’s photo is from the manufacturer of Synerige, Dynatronics. It shows that Synergie works effectively for any size, large or small, as well as both young and our more mature clients. While we work with women of all ages, we specialize in women in their 30’s and up!


8 sessions front before
Age: 49 Before Session 1, this client came wanting to see reduction in her cellulite and overall tightening of her thighs
8 sessions after front
Age 49: She was very pleased with her smoother looking legs, cellulite reduction and toning.





















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